Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas in Boise


Happy New Year! Our Christmas vacation in Boise was fabulous. Here are some pics and stories:

Visit from Santa (Shawn's dad) - yes that's Larry's real beard! He had a ton of work as "Santa" this past Christmas. He and Dorothy were sitting in a restaurant eating lunch one day and he had his Santa hat on - mothers and children kept coming up and asking to sit on his lap and talk to him! Thanks for our Santa pic for 2008 Larry!

Christmas Eve dinner - my mom outdid herself as usual - we ate and ate and then ate some more. Thanks for all the yummy food and treats mom!

Grandma with a clean and happy little man

Cousins on Wadley side - I think this was Christmas Eve with new jammies on supplied by Mrs. Claus

Cousins on Smith side - they loved playing together!

Fun playing games - you see Balderdash there, but the real hit of the season was Scum, followed closely by Pinochle :)

Kaylee lost another tooth (#6) - Aaron gained another one (#3)

Snow Angel

Right in the face!

Big, tough men and a little lady

Kaylee's first snowman - this was the last day we were in Boise - it had snowed a few other times while we were there, but this was the first time the snow was the right consistency for making a snowman. I was so glad she got to experience this before we came home a few hours later.

Back at ya daddy

4 generations - we had so much fun with Granny J - I'm so glad we got to see her. She always reminds us how fun life is. In case you're wondering what the dark spot is on my shoulder it's Aaron's drool - it never stops.

As I went back thru the pictures I realized how many pics I missed - the time flew by so fast and I wish I would have thought to take a few more in the midst of all the chaos. Luckily we are in the age of technology and other people had cameras when I couldn't find mine or was busy. You get the general idea with these - it was fun, fun, fun! Thank you so much Smiths and Wadleys for such a wonderful time. We love you guys!


Jennifer Kremer Oliva said...

You look like you had such a good time!!! We missed you here though. Thanks for your thanks :) a thanks you goes a long way! It made my day! I needed that! We are going camping again real soon! YAY! youll definetly have to go!!!

Nicole/ Family said...

It was so good to see you guys! Aaron is absolutely adorable! We miss you. Yes, I will email you those pictures.

Tiffany said...

SO glad you guys had a great time. The snow looked amazing! Glad you're back! I cannot wait to nibble on Aaron's fat leg!

Mandi said...

I am so happy you are back! I couldn't wait to see pics. I love the drool on your shoulder! I am also very jealous of Kaylee's snowman.

The picture of Shauna and Aaron is so sweet. He looks like such a dream. Love you guys!

Oh- we do have CVS. Is there some deal that I should know about?

Kathy said...

Looks like yall had a great Christmas! You kids are so cute!

Jen said...

Yeah, SNOW. I love the holidays and glad you had them with your family. I love your parents - fun times and memories.

Ericka Johnson said...

How fun to have a grandpa that is Santa! I'm glad you guys had a good time!