Saturday, March 7, 2009

Complete and Utter Chaos!

What do you call 10 six and seven-year-old girls, 2 sleep-deprived parents, 1 High School Musical 3 movie projected on the wall in a big screen format, and an 8 month baby who slept through the whole thing? That's right - Kaylee's birthday party last Friday night. It was fun, chaotic, and I am SO glad I only do it once every 2 years. :) Check it out!

Here is a sample of the chaos - and it only got wilder as the night went on...

Good Friends

Cake and ice cream time is the best

OK, present time is better :)

Not sure why we're holding up three fingers here...but that's my girl, always posing for the camera.

The joy and excitement in this little girl here are what doing birthday parties for parents is all about!


Jen Gillespie said...

Oh how fun da! I would love to have been there for all the fun. Looks like she had a great time. Happy Birthday doll face.

Tiffany said...

Ok, after watching the video I can see why you were relieved that was over with! I'm w=exhausted just looking at it! But, I'm glad she had a blast! Happy birthday Kaylee!

Nicole Hansen said...

Oh my goodnes...did that look like fun! Kaylee is such a doll! I am glad she had a great time.