Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Night of All Nights!


OK, so if you know me very well, you know that this is the night I get extremely excited about every 4 years...the women's all-around Olympic gymnastics final! After a bummer of a team final Tuesday night, I am really hoping the USA can come out on top tonight. Gold and silver would be great! Go Shawn and Nastia! I'm hoping that Nastia wins, just because everyone is expecting Shawn to, and I always vote for the underdog. I would be happy with either one taking home the gold though.

Four years ago, Kaylee was 2 years old, and I got so excited (as I do every 4 years) for the event that I made special treats and let her stay up late and watch with me because Shawn wasn't home and I didn't want to watch it myself. Of course she had no clue what was going on, but she thought the late bedtime was great! Well, we have turned this into a family tradition. This time she understands and is so excited to watch with Shawn and I tonight. We are making Chocolate Scotcheroos and butterscotch covered Granny Smith apples with sprinkles! Oh, and popcorn of course. :) Can't wait! Go USA!


Jen Gillespie said...

ummm hello, can I come watch with you?? Josh is working nights this week, so I actually look forward to getting Jason to bed and watching it by myself! But I would much rather watch it with my da quita!!!! Wasn't team finals a huge bummer. I was way sad. Love ya tons.

Myra said...

HA! I was going to e-mail you and tell you how much I am thinking about you because of gymnastics this week. I knew you would be so very excited. I miss the days of popping by your apartment and you'd be watching old gymnastic tapes.