Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Schweetie!


Today is my honey's 36th birthday! We celebrated mostly last night at Rudy and Patsy's house with fajitas and cake and ice cream. Today he got a new outfit which I can't wait to post a picture of as soon as he gets back from running an errand - he looks so handsome in it!

Happy birthday Shawn! I'm SO glad you were born. :)

As to the hurricane-non-hurricane event, well, that pretty well sums it up. I feel bad for the poor people in Houston and Galveston who got slammed and hope they are all OK. We looked in vain all night and this morning for even tropical storm conditions and got natta, nutin, zip. So down the boards came from the windows (I have pictures of that too I'll post soon). Thanks for all your calls and's nice to know you're loved.


Jen said...

What an ordeal you have there. My brother was just transfered out of florida and we are glad becuase of the hurricans and such! happy birthday Kathryn other half.

Jennifer Kremer Oliva said...

well... at least nowv you have boards for your house. You will never have to fight for some and then stand in a line at home depot for 10 hours. :) Happy Birthday Bishop!

Alan, Nicole, Dale, Grace, Abi said...

Happy Birthday Shawn!!

I am very glad you guys are all safe!

Jen said...

Go to my blog and read the tagged by jill entry to know what to do -
Have fun I know I did.

jenjen said...

You live in some of the most exciting places! I can't believe how crazy...Your little guy is so cute, he reminds me of Kaylee!

Mandi said...

woo whoo! He does look handsome! :) Happy birthday shawn! I am seriously out of any routine these days and have been missing birthdays all over the place. I hope it was a great one! Love you!