Saturday, November 1, 2008

Summer in November


It's official - summer #2 is here in Corpus! After washing the car with daddy this afternoon Kaylee donned her swimsuit and ran in the sprinklers.

And here is our first summer produce from our garden...

Check out the Corpus gas prices - it was down to $1.86 in Portland - woohoo!


Nicole/ Family said...

It is amazing how quickly you forget how warm it can be there. Our weather is unseasonably warm but definetly NOT swimsuit weather.

Love that garden...I think I am jealous!

Isn't the gas prices, great!! It feels like we got a raise.

Jen Gillespie said...

I am loving the gas prices too! Aren't they great. I can't believe she ran in the sprinklers. How fun to be able to enjoy the nice weather all year round. Hey, let me know what size chunky is in around Christmas and I will see if I can bring some of Jason's coats of something over. I'm sure between Leticia's boys and Jason we will have something for the man!

Jen said...

Fun pictures, can't believe you have warm weather. I just forget that everyone doesn't have the same weather as I so in Idaho. I can't wait to see those gas prices in Idaho - maybe there is hope yet for us!!!!!

Just Jane! said...

I'm very jealous - of both your amazing vegetables and your gas prices. And your kiddos were darling in their costumes.