Monday, February 16, 2009

Girls Night Out!

Last Thursday night Kaylee's school had a girls night out and they really did a good job. I was impressed with everything. They had a red carpet, a playlist to die for going at full volume, goody bags, games, karoke, food, crafts, and foosball??? (Wasn't sure where that one fit in, but go figure.)

Work it girl!

Makin' the jeweled frame

Oh yeah!

"I don't think so!"

Great friends


Jen Gillespie said...

how cute. Glad she had fun!

Nicole said...

Kaylee looks beautiful! She is really growing up.

Derek and Laura said...

I love the Valley girl gestures! lol

Jen Gillespie said...

Okay, so I called again tonight, tag you're it if Shawn didn't tell you, and I have to say...another girl's night out. Sounds like you having way too much fun. wait I don't think that's possible! Glad you are getting out da. Love and MISS you tons.

Jennifer Kremer Oliva said...

hey you.. thanks again for dinner... See ya at church!

Jennifer Kremer Oliva said...

well what can i say... Im a true friend... :) haha!