Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blogging Mishaps...

I am SLOWLY learning the ins and outs of blogging. After spending a good part of the day yesterday trying to change my template, I have lost my blogroll. After spending a good part of this morning remeding this, I am certain there are blogging buddies I have left off the current list who used to be a part of the previous list. If you are one of those buddies, please leave me a comment and let me know your address so I can add it to my list...sigh.

I am open to comments on how not to lose widget info when switching templates. I need to research this, but in the meantime if any of you blogger wizzes care to leave the info in non-blogger wizzes terminology, I would be very grateful. I am switching templates from outside sources because all the blogger ones are so boring, and html is a foreign language to me. Whenever I go to switch and copy and paste the new template in, it invariably says that one or more of my widgets are about to be deleted....WHHHHYYYYY????

I will master this one of these days.... :)


The Earls said...

I like to use the templates from because they make it so easy and I have yet to lose any info. In the past I've lost everything and it is so frustrating, so I feel for ya. Good luck!

Jen Gillespie said...

NAAAAAAA DAAAAAA! I've done the same thing too. So frustrating. Now, I don't even mess with the html. There is a really easy way. Just find a cute website you want to get a background from, like delightfuldots, or, etc (you can just google for others). Anyway, they have good instructions on how to add their backgrounds. You just have to change your template in blogger to minima, then add a "gadget" just like you did a blog list, or anything on your sidebar. But his gadget will be html/javascript. Then, on the website you like, find the background you want, and they will have a 5 or 6 lined paragraph of their html code. You just copy and paste the code into your new html/java script gadget and wala, new and easy backgrounds. Like I said, the websites usually give good instructions on how to do it. The most important part is changing your template to minima. Anyway, sorry for the long comment, guess I should have e-mailed you. I love you tons, talk to you later.